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  • Duc Ho

    Duc Ho

    Fall in love with technologies and coding.

  • Thiều Cường

    Thiều Cường

  • Chris Shayan

    Chris Shayan

    Scaling Up, Growth and Digital Transformation guy.

  • Lê Ngọc Thiên

    Lê Ngọc Thiên

  • Neal Hu

    Neal Hu

    Tech lead/senior software engineer@IBM Watson, I write about distributed systems and software architecture

  • Quoc MODORO

    Quoc MODORO

    CEO & Founder at MODORO Digital Giải pháp số hoá và tự động hóa cho doanh nghiệp

  • Tuan Trinh

    Tuan Trinh

  • Samuel Andras

    Samuel Andras

    writer. marketer. human. order may vary

  • JH


    Software Engineer

  • Sacha Greif

    Sacha Greif

    Designer/developer from Paris, now living in Osaka. Creator of Sidebar, VulcanJS, and co-author of Discover Meteor.

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